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Department Contacts

Below, we have provided contact information for the various departments and administrators in our district. For specific information, please feel free to contact the appropriate department.

Superintendent's Office
Robert B. Varner
P: 928-608-4117
Lynne Hoffman
Executive Secretary
P: 928-608-4117
Nancy Warner
Director of Instructional Support
P: 928-608-4165
Jeannie Wood
Program Development Coordinator
P: 928-608-4109
Cali Couts
Administrative Assistant
P: 928-608-4128
John Tkebuchava
Public Relations Coordinator
Afterschool and 21st Century Programs
Mallory Benjamin
Lake View Primary
P: 928-608-4208
Business Office
Kevin Dickerson
Business Manager
P: 928-608-4357
Vindya Weerahandi
Accounting/Grants Assistant
P: 928-608-4130
Janette Bunting 
Acct Payable/Purchasing
P: 928-608-4187
Scott Peterson
P: 928-608-4163
Jan Wiese
Purchasing Clerk
P: 928-608-4182
Human Resources
Dr. Terry Maurer
HR Director
P: 928-608-4101
Cynthia Tsosie
HR Certified Specialist/Employee Benefits
P: 928-608-4114
Tobi Van Nostrand
HR Clerk
P: 928-608-4213
Mariah DeJolie
District Receptionist/HR Asst & Substitute Coord
P: 928-608-4101
Career and Technical Education (CTE)
Charles Sharp, Dana Glasenapp 
CTE Co-Directors
P: 928-608-4127
Candice Horrocks
Lake View Primary
P: (928) 608-4201
Lisa Redman
Desert View Intermediate
P: (928) 608-4144
Jennie Jones 
Page Middle School
P: 928-608-4397
Amanda Griffith
Page Middle School
P: 928-608-4300 x 6601
Mike Bryan
Page High School
P: 928-608-4159
Jeff McIntyre
Page High School
P: 928-608-4186
Charlotte Nockideneh
Page High School
P: 928-608-4113
Leonard Edgewater
LV Lead Custodian
P: 928-608-4212
Eugene Truljillo 
DV Lead Custodian
P: 928-608-4394
Bill Tresh 
MS Lead Custodian
P: 928-608-4298
Marvin Curley 
HS Lead Custodian
P: 928-608-4151
Education Services
Beth Jahsman
Director of Educational Services
P: 928-608-4154
Food Service and Nutrition
Angie Lovett
Food Service Director
P: 928-608-4102

Millie Calamity 
Food Service Clerk


P: 928-608-4105
Indian Education Services
Elouise Goatson
Indian Education Director
P: 928-608-4164
Maintenance and Grounds
Cody Chischilly 
Facility Director
P: 928-608-4174
Bill Patterson
Director of Transportation
P: 928-608-4121
Jennifer Hall
P: 928-608-4126