This page is dedicated to information regarding the re-opening of Page Unified School District Schools.

Because the situation is fluid, we'll be providing updates regularly.

School Re-opening 2020-21 School Year

Mission: Our schools are passionate about the learning for all mission and understand that every student matters. We are responsible and accountable for the education of every student that walks into our classrooms (in buildings or virtual) 

Underlying Assumptions

  1. Safety is our first priority.

  2. Schools have remained closed this spring and summer and will open in the fall (with the potential of a closure triggered by new outbreaks.

  3. Reopened schools will have modifications based on guidance from national, state and local health officials, which could include physical distrancing, face coverings, temperature screenings, and frequent disinfecting of classrooms.

  4. Accommodations will be implemented for teachers, administrators, school staff, and students who may be at heightened risk from COVID-19 due to their age or other health conditions.

  5. All students at PUSD will be engaging in one of the following options based on a safety trigger as a result of new outbreaks. 

  6. This plan is written with the expectation of systematic implementation to provide a quality education for all students. 

  7. We believe all learners (students, teachers, parents) are challenged and supported to aim higher, work harder, and realize the satisfaction of accomplishment.

  8. The models are being fine tuned daily with new information.



PUSD Will Provide Onsite Support Services

For students who need a place to go during the school day.

Onsite Support Services General Information

Onsite Support Services FAQs


As a Parent, What Do I Need to Know about Remote Learning?


When PUSD schools re-open for the 2020-21 school year on August 10th,  we will do so using Remote Learning.

 All PUSD students enrolled in Page pre-school, Lake View Elementary, Desert View Intermediate, Page Middle School, Page High School and Manson Mesa High School will be in a Remote Learning environment.

 All classes will be led by PUSD teachers. Teachers will interact with their students, and present curriculum using Google Classroom. Students will participate by logging on to a Chromebook (grades 3-12) or iPad (grades K-2) and joining their teacher on Google Classrooms.

 Teachers will be able to see their students on their screens.  Teachers will be able to receive and answer questions from their students.

 Teachers can create smaller break-out groups using Google Classroom.

 Teachers will be able to use whiteboards and record their classes.

 K-2 teachers have the option of using Seesaw as one of their teaching platforms.

 Students will log-in to a District-issued Chromebook (grades 3-12) or a District-issued iPad (grades K-2).

 PUSD will provide login instructions for your student’s device.

 PUSD will provide a help desk to assist parents/guardian with site navigation or technical issues.

 PUSD will provide instructions how to use the flash drive and how to clean and care for your device. The District will provide a cleaning kit for the device.

 Devices will include firewalls, web filters and virus protection.

School Re-opening Plans, Remote Learning and District-provided Devices

PUSD's Plan for Safely Returning to In-Person Instruction