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Desert View Teachers Josh Brink and Kendra Tarket

We are extending a big shout out to Kendra Tarket and Josh Brink for their initiative creating a Google classroom and stocking it with useful videos and sharing it with their fellow teachers. Brink teaches music at Desert View, Tarket teaches 5th grade.

The Google classroom has videos, charts and useful links for teachers. Some of the videos are samples of how to run a successful on-line classroom, while others are tutorials showing how to share your screen,  or making files available offline. Other videos and links are great resources for self-care. 

Since its creation, the site has started growing into a hub of useful ideas and resources, and other Desert View teachers have started adding their own material to it. 

Though the page started as a resource for teachers, Josh and Kendra have since added a resource page for students also.

The idea started with Kendra Tarket. "I was part of the Remote Learnign Team and we were starting to accrue a lot of information, and I thought, `There's got to be a better way to organize this.' So I talked to Josh and asked him if he wanted to create a space to store all this information."

"We just thought it might be helpful for some of our teachers to provide this kind of information," said Josh Brink.

"Josh and Kendra are really comfortable and proficienct with technology," said Devert View Principal, Mary Stahl.  "They've been great role models for the staff and they've kind of become our in-house, go-to experts. They're good people and they're approachable, and always willing to help."

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