Career and Technical Education

The purpose of Career and Technical Education at Page Unified School District is to prepare the youth of today to enter the workforce of tomorrow.

The future workforce needs look very different from those in the past. The projections show that 20% of the workers will need to be professionals, 15% will be unskilled, and 65% will need to be skilled workers. It is the goal of Career and Technical Education to help students enter a field to become a skilled worker. Page High School offers 12 comprehensive programs from which a student can choose.

Knowing the employment needs of the future is more important today than ever before because many students begin employment upon high school graduation. Even students who choose to peruse more education after high school often work while attending school. With meaningful career skills, our graduates can enter the work force as skilled workers, ready to face the challenges of the future.

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Our Partnership with CAVIAT

In order to assist our students with obtaining real-world work experience and the confidence needed to become successful, we have aligned ourselves with CAVIAT. Whether the student's intent is to enter the workforce immediately after graduation or continue his or her education by attending college, CAVIAT has the programs in place to assist every student in reaching his or her goals. To find out more, visit CAVIAT's website.

CTW & the Middle School

All students attending Page Middle School will complete the state competencies for Career and Technical Education in Career Exploration. Students will participate in career exploration at the 7th and 8th grade level. Currently, the district is using AZCIS Career Exploration Program for students to identify their interests and abilities.

During their 8th grade year, students should complete a Four Year Plan based on their identified career pathway.

CTE & the High School

All high school students in Arizona are required to have an Education and Career Action Plan (ECAP) which includes two or more CTE courses in a coherent occupational sequence and is aligned with their identified career pathway.

Students' CTE program experience is organized around specific occupational skills and is coordinated with business and industry standards and when possible, industry certification. Page Unified School District offers 12 different occupational skill courses.

For more information, please view our high school CTE page.

Contact Career & Technical Education

Chuck Sharp, Director

PO Box 1927
Page, AZ 86040