The Page Unified School District Administration would like to welcome you to the district website. We hope this useful and informative resource will help you stay in touch with the happenings taking place here at our district. As administrators for our district, we are committed to providing our community, our students, and their parents with the services and educational programs that will allow every child in our district to reach his or her highest potential.

The members of our administrative team are listed below. However, if you'd like to contact a specific department for information or assistance, please click here.

Meet Our Superintendent and District Directors

Larry Wallen
P: 928-608-4117
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Lori Wilson
Executive Secretary

P: 928-608-4117
Jeannie Wood
Director of Federal Programs
P: 928-608-4109
Vindya Weerahandi 
Business Manager
P: 928-608-4357
Lynne Hoffmann
Director of Talent Management
P: 928-608-4108
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Steven Law
Public Relations Coordinator

P: 928-608-4167
Suzanne McClelland
Program Evaluator/SIS Coordinator
P: 928-608-4140
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Joshua Malnack
Safety & Security Director

Beth Jahsman
Education Services Director
P: 928-608-4154
Lyonel Tso
Cultural Programs/Language Coordinator
P: 928-608-4164
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Peter Jones
Covid-19 Coordinator
Benjamin Buchanan
Food Service Director
P: 928-608-4102

Helene Nockideneh
Transportation Director

P: 928-608-4121
Cody Chischilly 
Facility Director
P: 928-608-4174
Brian Osterink
Technology Director
P: 928-608-4297
Ernie Rivers
Athletics/Activities Director for PHS & PMS
P: 928-608-4134

School Administrators


Penni Case
P: (928) 608-4173

Lake View Primary

Nancy Warner
P: 928-608-4219
Brian Henderson
Assitant Principal
Desert View Intermediate
Mary Stahl
P: 928-608-4161
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Kevin Anderson

Page Middle School

Wanda Burton
P: 928-608-4303
Teresa Robbins
Assistant Principal
P: 928-608-4310

Page High School

Anne Martin
P: 928-608-4185
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Leigh Guenther
Assistant Principal
P: 928-608-4185

Manson Mesa High School

Trina Hubbell
P: (928) 608-4153