Technology Department

The technology department is responsible for maintaining and supporting the infrastructure for the entire school district.

Our Technology Mission

To make available the best technology resources to be used as tools in the educational process. Through support and maintenance we strive to enhance and improve technology use for all educational stakeholders.

Our Technology Vision

Our vision is to be a pro-active, highly trained technology team that educates and guides all educational stakeholders in current and future technology. 

We Believe...

We believe that Technology should be used as a powerful tool to open up a new environment where students, Faculty, and administrators can do what humans do best - experiment, explore, and expand the realm of the human mind.


Arizona Technology in Education Alliance (AzTEA)

(AzTEA) is a professional nonprofit organization devoted to increasing student achievement through technology in teaching and learning. AzTEA is the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) affiliate for Arizona.